4 June 2015: A personal update - it's getting close!

Its getting really really close!

I am around a week or so away from my due date, and unlike the first time around I am hoping that I get all of that time. I still feel as though I have so much to get done before the arrival, but I also feel as though I need to get some important rest in before then too. I don’t tend to blog much about my daughter and if you are a new reader to the blog, then don’t expect to see family updates or pictures (it’s a personal choice but I feel as though when they are old enough they can make up their own minds about their presence on social media. It’s not my decision to make for them). But I will say that as a willful, energetic and dare I say it, intelligent, little girl of 2 and a little bit – she has been exhausting as of late. Never a great night time sleeper, she has always been relied upon for some decent day time sleeps. Until recently. Now, even though she gets ridiculously tired by midday she absolutely refuses to sleep. And especially as she is now in a bed, she has the ability to get out. Multiple times. Even when she does sleep well through the night, the lack of a nap during the day usually makes for a very grumpy afternoon. And that’s just me – she is also cranky and not herself. Which I have to admit is utterly exhausting. And leaves little time to get much done. Plus by the time her evening bed time eventually rolls around I too am so exhausted that I am useless for almost everything – and so the to-do list grows. To top this off because I am nearing the start line of baby number 2, I frequently find that I am awake at night regardless (in fact as I write it is not even yet 4am). I keep getting told that this is simply good training for when the baby arrives. Maybe, but I still wouldn’t mind an actual proper nights sleep first!!

But fingers crossed this settles down and who knows #2 might be a dream sleeper??!! (I wish)