1 December 2012: Back into it

Its time to get this blog up and running again! Its summer and while racing has not been on the cards this year (or for a few months yet) there has been plenty going on here. I have just finished up exams for the year as part of my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics – being back on campus and in assignment and exam mode has certainly been a change of pace – more so with the travel it has involved from my home town up to where the university is based. I still have more study to go including clinical placements, but am really glad that period of travelling to campus every day is over. Actually if I am honest I cant say that I went everyday – a few classes were missed when I just couldn’t face getting in the car again or when the weather just too good……..As many people know already there is also a new addition on the way – due early next year – something I am really excited about and looking forward to meeting this little person who is currently getting in some football practice by kicking me in the guts! (and no for those who have asked we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl – we chose to save that as a surprise). So between these things training has certainly been taking a more relaxed approach. I do intend on racing again from mid next year but my training has been driven more by what ‘feels right’. If that means I get in a couple of hours in a day of relatively easy, mixed ‘training’ (I would actually describe it more as movement) then great – if I do nothing or go for a 30 min walk then that’s great too. It has been more about what makes me feel good – which as for most active and athletic people – is to continue moving and feeling at least somewhat fit. What it has not been is planned, or trying to reach any targets or goals. This has been a choice made not only on being pregnant and feeling responsible for someone else (far more important than me) but also on the fact that I have been racing professionally for 13 years and to be honest, my body could do with a break. But now with my website back up and functioning (there were a few issues that had to be sorted out and unfortunately took WAY longer than I had hoped or planned for) expect to see more updates, recipes, news and links on here. The website will see more of a clear division between my two jobs – athlete and nutritionist to make navigating easier. The blog will really cross the line between the two with more of a focus on food, health and nutrition – because lets be honest everyone loves food and not everyone loves to hear about the often self-indulgent day-to-day details of an athletes life. Right now I am excited about summer and what that means in the kitchen and on my plate!! It’s the kind of food that doesn’t need much prep or cooking and just lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Will have some recipes and photos coming soon. I am also keen to answer some of the questions I get to my website on the blog (with permission of course) – so hit me up!