1 Mar 2009: March?

Can't believe it is March already and apparently the first day of Autumn. Or Fall if I was over in the US. I have to say out riding this morning autumn felt a long way off - it is going to be a pretty hot day here and I am heading up the coast to watch some friends and training partners race. It is ITU Oceania Champs (Olympic distance, draft legal) and I am looking forward to watching from the sidelines. I don't get to see many races without actually competing myself so it is always interesting and makes a nice change every now and then. I think too it offers different perspectives of the sport and opportunities to learn through observation. I won't even be wishing I was racing today - for a start it is going to be stinking hot (although I think sometimes it is worse as a spectator); if I am totally honest I can still feel some lingering effects of racing two half IM's in 14 days; and I also don't miss the draft legal style of racing at all. So I will have my best cheering hat on today and really hoping the boys will have a great race. Being March it also means that my time at home in Oz in quickly diminishing - it is now only 8 weeks until I head back to the USA and the start of a busy race season. I love being at home here by the beach (I will have to try and get some photos up here) but I am also excited about getting back over to the country which has become my second home really over the last few years and given me so many opportunities. Wildflower is my first stop, so between now and then? - a lot of hard training!