10 June 2009: Rock Chalk

Just got home from a radio interview here in Lawrence, the "Rock Chalk Sportstalk" on KLWN 1320 with Brian and David. They were great and it was actually a lot of fun. It was done live so you won't be able to hear it again but if you do happen to listen in you might here me do a 'liner' - apparently accents, and especially Australian accents are the way to go!!! Apart from that it has been a pretty leisurely relaxing day - an easy ride this morning, a sleep, some stretching and not much else really. It is starting to look like a race is looming though - volunteers and race organisers are already out at the venue starting to get things set up and there are a few more triathletes lurking around town. I love having a home town race!! - no travel, no airline bike fees, no packing and rebuilding bikes, no hotel rooms, finding somewhere to eat, no shoving of dirty stinky, wet race clothes post race into bags to then be left to mature and develop until they are unpacked two days later. Instead a small drive to the race start, sleeping in my own bed, eating my own food, being able to come home after the race, shower and be unpacked, relaxing and then eating in a local diner a few hours later. And of course best of all feeling like the home town girl!!! And that I do - the support here I feel is fantastic - the people are great and very welcoming. Big big thanks to all the guys at Sunflower Outdoor and Bikes who do an incredible job, always; and also to Mike and his Aquahawks who have been great at smashing me in the pool every day.....!!!! Love it.

Right now though I am about to get ready for dinner - which I am having with John Cobb. I have been riding his saddle for a while and love it - really. Makes riding much more pleasant when you are comfortable and especially when time trialling in swimmers for 90km! So I am really looking forward to meeting him - should be an interesting evening. More tomorrow.