10 May 2010: Rev3 Knoxville

Back 'home' in Lawrence and its a bit of a cold and rainy day - perfect for some recovery and catch up! I really enjoyed the Rev3 race yesterday down in Knoxville and came away quite happy with 4th place. My swim and bike were solid - I led the swim and out onto the bike, was passed by Julie (Dibens), and ended up just enjoying a solo TT through the hilly, winding narrow back roads of Knoxville to come into T2 with a decent gap back to Sam (Warriner) and Kelly (Williamson). Both the swim and bike felt strong but well within comfort - seems the workouts with the KU swimming girls and the Computrainer sweat fests are paying off! My run is still a work in progress at the moment. It has been a frustrating time for me - I am a runner so not to be able to run like one has not been fun. But I am really starting to feel as though some fast runs are close. But not yesterday! - Sam and Kelly are both running really well right now and they passed me to battle it out in a sprint finish for 2nd and 3rd. I did start to find my legs during the run though and felt a lot better at the end than the start - in fact a 2nd lap could have been good yesterday!! I have to say though there is something to be said about Olympic distance races - over and done with by late morning and although they still hurt, don't cause quite the same draining fatigue as the halfs do. Rev3 did a great job putting on the race and I most definitely apprecaite what they are doing for for the sport and for us professionals. Will be back for sure. Now though it is time to get the run happening and plan out the rest of the season. Fun times ahead!!! Speaking of which my new Kestrel 4000 is almost ready to go - a few measurements and fit to be done before its debut ride - can't wait!