11 Feb 2009: Post post race wrap

Have been following some of the interesting post race gossip and speculation from a distance. Unfortunately these issues arise constantly. Race directors - please give us pro women a much bigger gap before the age groupers start!!!! Anyway it is now Wednesday, the race was run and won Sunday so those things are not for me to worry about now. I was once asked what was my favourite post race treat. My answer to that was the dinner extravaganza post NYC tri in 2007. I love food, cooking, restaurants, food markets etc so for me to be able to get a table at WD-50 in New York meant I was more than happy to squeeze the race battered and blistered feet into very impractical shoes. For those who know the restaurant will know why this dinner is so memorable but if you don't - find out if you can!! Or at the very least check out their website - they have some photos of the dishes up there that will have you salivating and a little puzzled at the same time. Well, after the race in Geelong on the weekend there may well be another contender. Melbourne is known over the world for its great restaurants and since we were flying out early Monday morning decided to stay in the city and have a quick dinner. Heading out with the intention of finding some duck pancakes we spied Flower Drum the iconic and drool inducing Chinese restaurant that is a world away from any notions of your 'local' or 'Chinese in a box' take-away. Having been there 4 years ago and blown away we could not resist. And yes it was incredible again and I was quite happy to depart with more than the amount that I had won in the race that morning. However to be honest that was not hard at all - despite being the most competitive field ever seen in Australia over the long course - the prize money didn't quite match. In fact towards the end of the run when I was in another world of pain and suffering I started to calculate my hourly rate of pay should I remain in the spot I was in. I did. So 5th place was rewarded with $200. Using my high school maths that works out at  approximately $45 an hour...not including any training time. Lucky I have another race in a week and a half - this time around it is Aussie Long Course Champs which is a 3km swim/82km bike/20km run. I raced this event a couple of years ago finishing 2nd, in fact it was the first race I had done longer than Olympic distance and I loved it. So for now it is back to training - my couple of easier recovery days are over.