11 July 2009: Filthy

I am filthy. Yep I do need a shower right now as I am almost 5 hours into the drive home having left straight from the race site. And the towel down and change in the car park is just not cutting it right now. But really I am filthy, dirty mad about my race today. I got a stand down penalty on the bike that I truly do not believe I should have got. As soon as someone in front of me was visible I was vigilent about being staggered even riding through some bone rattling potholes to stay on the safe side. It was apparant though that I was riding faster and was catching so I made my move quickly. Moved up and was passing when an official motorbike pulled alongside and yelled frantically at me to pull over and stand down. Now I know I am not a genuis but I do know that to actually go past someone you may well at some point be within close- ish range. I am also well aware of the rules and the time you have to make a pass and I am pretty sure it is longer than 5 seconds. Also I tried to pass as wide as possible in fact any further over and I would have been in the gutter. So no I do not think I should have been penalized. Maybe that was also why the official spent the whole time period apologizing? Hmmm anyway I know they have a hard job and I appreciate their efforts to conduct a fair race for us. Just don't think it was a fair call or else I would have accepted it a little easier and got on with the rest of the race. I really tried to put it behind me but it is so tough to mentally get back on your game and in a class field those small differences can spell the end. Oh and I hit a squirrel too. Could have been quite dangerous I guess but I think he may have come off worse than me!!! So yep I am pretty fired up now for the next two races and to make the 6th place finish today the worst result of the season. First though I can't wait for the drive home to be done and have that shower!!!