11 Mar 2009: Back to work

I'm back! I'm healthy again (well, healthy enough anyway) and have now got in a few days training. After a couple of days off though and with remanants of a bug it is crazy how what last week was effortless is now a bit of a struggle!! I know though just a couple of days of suffer and get through and all will be good again. I do love the feeling though of waking up really really sore - it reminds me that I have in fact trained a decent amount and is a really satisfying feeling. Off now to see my physio, Ben. Nothing major but I do like to get in and see him regularly - when you are asking your body to do things beyond the boundaries of normality there is alwasy something to be worked on before it becomes a problem. I think though that Ben often mistakes me for a pin cushion - he likes to stick needles in me! Seems to work though.