12 April 2009: Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! I think the Easter bunny must have lost his way though, or he doesn't like the rain as he didn't seem to find our place. Probably a good thing though..... So a few changes this week - the website has changed - or not really changed just a fresh image (although you can also change the background yourself by using the secret coloured buttons on screen) and some new tunes to keep things interesting. I also have a couple of minor changes to my race calender which I will finalise and update this week. It is really difficult to put together a concrete plan for an entire year at the beginning of the season so there are always bound to be some small changes. One definite though is that the Iron Girl race in Las Vegas has been cancelled (the pro wave anyway) so that one is gone which is a shame as I loved it last year and had been looking forward to returning. The other changes to the race schedule will be up this week.

On another note I had a lovely email today from a very interesting English guy who apparently shares my name!! He is a little miffed though I think that my website comes up in the google search before his! So I checked it out www.grytpype.co.uk - his gardening skills far outweigh mine and there is even some detailed instructions on how best to catch and cook a wood pigeon.