12 August 2013: New suit for a new season

Oops time seems to have got away from me the last few weeks. I really did think it was only last week that I posted a new blog update here but it appears that time has flown by faster than I thought. Elsie is now 4 months - not sure when that happened - but it is such a fun age! She is really responsive and playful and we are certainly getting to know her unique personality better each day. On the downside she has decided that she prefers to eat at night so I am getting less sleep again right now. But I really dont want that to sound like a complaint - I think you just have to go with the flow and know that things change so quickly, and I just want to enjoy every stage for what  it is. Yes extra sleep might be nice, but really if this is the biggest of my complaints then happy days! In many ways its actually quite nice sitting with her at night - a quiet and special time (although only once or twice a night would be enough I think). Before long she will be grown up and I will be wishing for those nights up with her again! Traning wise and fitness wise things are on track I think. It is certainly challenging juggling things especially with Justin working full time, no close family and getting less sleep. As soon as Elsie sleeps during the day I have to weigh up whether I aim to squeeze in a traning session; get some much needed sleep; clean up the house a little and do those essentials like cooking dinner; or work - either with my nutrition clients or on my writing jobs. Busy days. When she is awake I really like everything to be about her - and this is not something that I would change for the world! The reality is that getting fit post baby is the easy part! The hard part is just the time management. I am really looking forward to having my mum in town this week to lend a hand and hopefully allowing me to get a few extra things done during the day.

So plans are firming up for my return to racing. I am starting to get organised equipment wise as well and will hopefully be making some more decisions and announcements on those fronts soon. I did do a lot of research into wetsuits as there are a lot of new players on the market as well as a lot of new suits. Coming from a swimming background I have always been pretty picky about wetusits and it is great to see the technology and manufacturing process continue to move forward. I can't say I have ever particularly look forward to wetsuits swims, however that seems to have changed! Roka are doing an amazing job and I can honestly say that I enjoy swimming in their suits. I opted to swim in a wetsuit as opposed to go chilly on many occasions over the last few weeks and that in itself says a lot. The suits are flexible enough so that I dont feel any restriction through my shoulders at all. I think this comes down to the fact that the suit is structutred to allow for trunk rotation - meaning that you dont feel as though you are lying flat as a board in the water and all of your roation having to come through the shoulders. Normally I can feel extremely heavy and fatigued through the arms after only a very short swim and the day after feel sore and heavy still. In the Roka Maverick Pro Suit my arms feel free - I feel just like I do swimming without a suit, only faster!! Needless to say I am very happy and will now actually look forward to a wetsuit swim in a race! And just in case you are wondering - no I am not paid to say any of that.

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