16 February 2010: Live Streaming Race Coverage

First race of the season is this weekend - the Australian Long Course  Championships. We will be testing out some new technology and aiming to stream live video straight from the start and throughout the race. There will be a Tweet sent on the start of broadcast so follow me at www.twitter.com/PipTaylorRacing to be notified and from there you will be able to view the live coverage at www.qik.com/PipTaylorRacing (there will also be "chat" updates and splits appearing with the video as well as normal via Twitter). The race video will also then be automatically loaded to my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/PipTaylorRacing where you will be able to check it out post event (as well as on Qik). Phewww....now just to hope it all works! If so, look out for coverage of all my races this season!