12 January 2011: iPee Daily

OK so the title of the blog is not meant to be ground breaking news or even my latest greatest achievement, nor even a statement of the obvious, because I do actually, well, pee daily. No, the title is in fact a reference to a great new app for your iPhone that I discovered on the weekend after meeting up with good friend and master guru of sports nutrition, Greg Cox (who was also one of the brains behind the app). Proper hydration is key for any athlete and their racing and training success. However how much, when and what remain for most people unanswered questions. Now though you can put together you own personal hydration strategy by using this app and some good scales. (a note here - get some really reliable and accurate scales - otherwise don't even bother getting on. I really like the Tanita scales for their accuracy and my fave is the BC350 which actually also gives you a good indicator of hydration along with body weight, composition etc. Plus it is so slimline and light that I do travel with it even to races making fluid losses easy to track wherever you are). iPee Daily then is a simple little app that matches the colour of your urine to its inbuilt colour chart to determine hydration and then using this along with weight changes makes recommendations on status. The colour of your urine is one way to gauge hydration, and while it is not 100% accurate and can be influenced by other factors such as foods that you have eaten, it can at least give you an indication, especially if you use the app to track hydration over the day and then over weeks and months. By tracking hydration and at the same time recording training and weather you can start to put together your own strategies, rather than basing yours on someone else's data or guesswork. Check out the app on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ipee-daily/id408625281?mt=8 and start peeing!!!! (and no...not directly onto your phone)