12 June 2013: 9 weeks!

Elsie is 9 weeks old today! No longer a newborn and growing up so fast. I have been asked why I don't post more pictures of her but we have decided that she is not going to be pasted all over social media. It is my decision to have a blog, a Facebook page and a twitter account and I am happy to share things on there about me. However I don't think I should decide for her whether she becomes public property. When she is old enough (not for many many years to come) she can decide herself if she wants to have her photos and daily activities posted on the internet. Having said that it is obvious that she is growing up in a very different world to even that in which I grew up. My brother lives overseas and my parents do not live locally to me - but Skype means that they are able to share some moments with her. Its pretty crazy that they can watch a live video of her through their TV screen and at the same time strange and cool that she can see her uncle and grandparents talking and waving to her, albeit through a screen. Technology also means that where we had photos taken as a baby, the quality and numbers of pictures are nothing compared to the ones today. Especially with smart phone cameras we just snap away, hoping that amongst the unusable pictures are some gems. Then in an instant they are emailed or texted to be shared with others. In fact if a picture is not forthcoming I get texts from my parents demanding their daily picture! So 9 weeks on and everything is going well. I absolutley love being a mum. I knew that I would but did not quite know how much. I love getting up in the night to feed her - it feels like another opportunity for a cuddle - and while I cherish the time that I get to myself to go running or swimming I can not wait to get home through that door and see her little face.

Slowly I am getting in a bit more training again too. Swimming still presents the most challenges - just trying to get to the pool. But I am sure that things will start to become a bit more predictable soon so I can start to plan things a bit better. Until then I am enjoying my early morning runs - its dark when I leave but not yet so cold as to be painful and I quite like running in the quiet streets as the sun comes up. I am still planning on racing again soon so trying to slowly build towards those goals!