13 July 2011: Racing at altitude- yes, it hurts!

Very happy to have qualified for the 5150 Championships after finishing 5th in Boulder on the weekend. It has been a slow start to the season and I have certainly being toeing the line with a lot less fitness than I would have liked - but that was necessary in order to qualify for the Big One later in the year. So now that a start in the limited field is wrapped up I can concentrate on getting in some solid work.The race was my first trip up to Boulder and it was great to check out the beautiful town. Two days to acclimatise to the altitude was certainly not enough and my lungs were screaming during the race!! The upside though was that I think because I was oxygen limited my ability to really push hard was also limited - meaning no post race muscle soreness!! The race itself is spectacular and one I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I will be back for sure. So back to Lawrence and back to work tomorrow - have been enjoying a couple of days in the mountains avoiding the heat wave down on the plains and checking out Boulder and Colorado Springs area. Pikes Peak at 140000+ feet sure is high! Pleased they don't yet have a triathlon race up there!!