13 May 2013: Autumn Opportunities

There is one thing I have got good at over the last few weeks - eating cold food, burning hot food, eating very very fast and eating one handed. All necessities with a small baby. Its all about taking opportunities as they present themselves. The same goes for my training at the moment - any opportunity that presents I am ready to sneak in a quick training session. As short as that might be - it all counts! And while I can see how for athletes with a stay at home partner or with plenty of close extended family or sitter care on a daily basis the ability to train would be very easy, I am actually taking the opposite approach and viewing my 'restrictions' as a positive. As someone who has always found it easy to overtrain in the past - right now this does not appear to be an issue. Having said that I do relish the time I do get to train - its feels restorative and really gives me the energy needed to get through the day. Yes, babies are exhausting!! And amazing!! (Loved my first Mothers Day as a mum yesterday as well) I have also been thinking ahead and trying to sort my race program out for the rest of the year. I would have loved to have raced on the weekend at the Byron Bay Tri (my local race) and I feel as though I could have done so. But it probably would not have ben the smartest choice. I know despite my best intentions I would not have been able to take it easy and just look to finish but would have wanted to try and 'race' the distance, which is probably a bit early for my ligaments and tendons, all still a little loose post birth. BUT I am hoping that a race is not too far off - even if a stellar result is a few more months off I am itching to get out there and do what I love to do. The good news is that the racing locally in Australia really seems to be hotting up recently. It is fantastic to see so many more new quality races being introduced - exciting times for the sport for sure.

The other excitement has been that given it is Autumn, quinces are in season and my local fruit and veg shop has been getting a  regular shipment in. And I regularly buy them out each week. If you have never had quince then you are missing out - possibly my favourite fruit and definitely a sore point that usually by the time they have come into season I have already been off overseas in my endless summer of racing around the world. I have always loved this fruit but until now it has always been a bit of a labor of love - requiring peeling, chopping, coring and slow cooking to yield the best results. Plus all the recipes I have seen apart from the use in savory dishes such as tagines) use an insane amount of sugar. However, on advice from my Iranian fruit and veg shop owners, for whom quince are a familiar, traditional food, I discovered that no peeling is necessary - the outer 'fuzz' just needs to be rubbed off before they can be chopped and either baked or stewed/steamed on a low heat for a couple of hours. No sugar added and just a little water which makes a sweet pink coloured syrup. Being lazy I didn't even core them and found that this step was not even necessary. Result = lots of delicious quince for very little effort. Happy girl!