13 October 2009: Update from the beach

oooops I just realised the last post was when I was sitting in Kansas. Now, about a week later I am sitting by the beach at home. I am going to blame jetlag and unpacking. The trip home was not that smooth actually - a delayed flight which was then delayed a little more; then a diversion to Colorado Springs instead of Denver (apparantly storms closed the airport); then we sat on the tarmac waiting to refuel for almost 2 hours for the 10 minute flight up to Denver. Missed the next connection and were re-booked on another flight to LA. That flight was then also delayed meaning we would be running to make the LA-Sydney flight. Still OK at this point. Get on the plane. Cops board the plane also. Some guy has got tired and left his bag out in the lounge. Thanks. At this point pretty much no hope but when we got to LA we still bolted down and saw our flight boarding. But we weren't allowed on. All other flights to Australia oversold. It was now 1.30am and beyond caring we found a hotel for the night and re-booked on the flight home the next day. So at least we got  a good nights sleep - no luggage or spare clothes but went to the gym anyway.

So it was a bit longer than expected but finally made it home. And yes it is great to be back - can't beat waking up and going for a run first morning home and spotting 5 or so whales and their babies pretty close in to shore.....you don't see that in Kansas!! I do also miss Lawrence though and am very grateful to have somewhere so far away from my real home that I can call home.

I have been straight into the training - Long Course World Champs in in 1.5 weeks and then Clearwater 70.3 not long after that. Watching Hawaii on the weekend was certainly inspiring - still not sure if I want to race that far myself but it is incredible to watch and I have so much respect for all of them. Special congrats to Crowie and Rinny.

Oh and a special hint - look out for Triathlete Mags December edition which will be out soon.