14 June 2009: 2nd at Kansas

Just home from a long long day.....a good day though. A 2nd place finish behind Chrissie Wellington at Kansas 70.3. I would write more of a race report as such but am feeling pretty fried right now - it is almost 6pm - I have been up since 3.30am and at the race site all day, got home about an hour ago and have had time to bake up a special batch of cookies and have a recovery ice bath. The cookies are special because they are intended for Mr John Cobb. He really needs no introduction as a mastermind and bike guru and has been a really great help to me in the last few days. In fact I committed the cardinal sin of completely changing my bike position two days ago on the recommendations of John and decided to go with it on race day. Why not? it felt good, he guaranteed me it would make me faster and I have enormous respect for him and his skills. So all felt good and I am confident that over the next few weeks as I get more used to the position too and build up my strength there it will see some significant time improvements for me. More tomorrow - right now I feel tired and sunburnt, ready for a proper shower and then a feed somewhere.