14 June 2013: One handed eggs in 2 mins

I really love this time of year - its not yet too cold as to be unpleasant but the nights are cool for good sleeping and the days are still sunny and warm. I also love the fact that it is perfect weather for slow cooking - throwing something in the oven or in the Le Creuset on a low heat early in the day and letting time do its magic. It warms the house on cooler days, smells fantastic and for really minimal effort means there is always something delicious for dinner. It also means that preparation just before dinner time is minimal or non-existent which is a good thing with a baby - I can do the cooking and prep at a time earlier in the day that suits me (and her). So we have had lots of slow roasted (7 hour plus) lamb shoulders, pork roasts, osso bucco and slow simmering soups. Its nice cooking because the time is flexible and forgiving - its pretty hard to overcook something like this and you don't have to give it much attention at all. The other nice thing is that all these slow cooking meats are the cheaper cuts - the fattier, more sinewy ones that need all that time to break down and release their flavour and better still is that they taste even more delicious and often develop a softer texture when eaten the next day. And meals are rarely cooked in this house that don't leave to leftovers. Another trick I have pretty much perfected lately are microwave omelettes. I know it doesn't sound the best and to be perfectly honest they are not a patch on the real thing, not being as fluffy, but these quick breakfasts came about by the necessity of lack of time as well as the need for often cooking with just one hand - the other preoccupied with holding Elsie. I like the fact that I can have a healthy breakfast still that is ready within 2 minutes from getting the eggs out to table, and not have to do washing up afterwards. Because I have been caught out many times by having the time to cook the eggs the 'proper' way only to fall short on time to do the washing up. And I hate having washing up sitting there. So my one handed microwave omelette simply consists of two eggs scrambled with a fork in a bowl. Pop into microwave on high for 1.5 mins. Sprinkle with a little sea salt and pepper. Done. Put bowl in dishwasher. Done and done. However I also often add some herbs or baby spinach - this can also be wilted or steamed quickly in the microwave before adding the eggs to the same bowl. Cooking time may need to be adjusted slightly when you add other vegetables. Give it a go - you don't need to be a new mum either - just pushed for time. Or extra lazy. Either way its a super quick and easy way to have a healthy breakfast.