14 May 2009: Road Trip

Its been a good week here in Lawrence - a couple of Tornado warnings that didn't eventuate, cool mornings (or cold if you are from Australia) and some warm sunny afternoons. Tomorrow we are piling everything into the car and heading on a road trip. That means 4 people, 3 bikes, bags, spare wheels and all the rest and about 8-9 hours of driving. At least we are hoping that it is no longer than that anyway as that is definitely the utmost limit of my patience in a car. The destination is Memphis for the Memphis in May Triathlon. Should be a fun race - it is a whole weekend of festivals and different races and for our race on the Sunday it is an Olympic distance time trial format where everyone goes off at 10 second intervals. So for once it will be a civilised swim start - no bashing, scratching or attempted drownings and may actually mean that the first 100m is not a full on sprint for position but more the pace you might choose to swim. It will also make things interesting for the rest of the race as we play cat and mouse and try to calculate time lost and gained and who started where.... Or maybe not - I think I will just be racing as hard as I can and not relying on my mid-race maths skills to try and calculate anything. Have a good weekend of training, racing or whatever it is you do if you are not a triathlete (probably would be fun!!) and I will have some news on the race after the weekend and the long return drive.