15 Feb 2009: Sharks are scary

It has been a bit of a wet and windy weekend here. The sun is out now after a storm just rolled through and yesterday was non-stop rain prompting flash flooding warnings and sentencing me to quite a number of hours on the wind-trainer. Lucky I moved our TV down to the garage a few months ago to give me a bit of company - the neighbours must love me at 5.30am but hopefully they are heavy sleepers!! This also means quite a few hours of watching news and current affairs programs (no cable for me), which at the moment are dominated by the unbelievable and devastating Victorian bush fires and their aftermath. I am amazed by the strength and courage of  people who have lost everything and had such horrific experiences. I can't even pretend to understand what it must be like. The other big news items though are the recent shark attacks, which come in the wake of what has seemed to be a really 'sharky' summer. Sightings of big sharks close to shore as well as in Sydney Harbour have increased significantly and there are actually warnings now that more attacks are probable. I am in no way an advocate of killing any animal especially when that is its territory - I am just hoping that they don't really like the bay at Huskisson. That is where I will be racing next weekend and I kind of think a triathlon of any kind is hard enough already without having to contend with extras in the water. I guess though it will be extra motivation to swim really fast - I guarantee I won't be letting that lead kayak go too easily!!