15 January 2012: Eating my words

I am going to be the first to admit that I have been wrong. About a number of things. Hindsight is always a wonderful thing but so too is the evolving nature of knowledge. Both as an individual and as a collective. Experience too plays an essential role and that takes time. So it is little wonder really that viewpoints and opinions can change with time. And I think that this is not only a good thing but also something that should be encouraged. After all if you were only allowed to express one opinion and then despite what you have learnt, what you have experienced, what knowledge has advanced with increasing technology, greater scientific understanding and even greater communication around the world - you still had to stick to your original expression of opinion, the world would be stagnated and also bitter and divided. I also think that it is healthy to have an opinion - at least one that is developed and has basis. Even if it is misguided or is in direct contrast to my own or someone else'es opinion. Dialogue is always a good thing. Far better and more interesting than apathy.

I have, over the years expressed opinions, based on current knowledge (my own and others) and also experience. But that does not mean that I still hold those exact same views. This holds for many things but perhaps most of interest to me currently is that of nutrition and what constitutes good nutrition - for both health and performance. Personally what and how I eat has changed and developed over time and also what I would recommend has also evolved. Partly this is due to just gaining more personal knowledge - having a better understanding of the biochemistry and metabolic processes underlying health and nutrition - but also in part to the evolving nature of the science of nutrition. It is a relatively new science and one that is enhanced by improvements in study technique, technology and greater sharing of all of these results and new knowledge. That we can hope to understand even a tiny fraction of the mechanisms of the human body is fascinating to me and whilst I believe no one will ever completely grasp the full spectrum of complexities both within the body and within nature, there is much being uncovered by the day. And as each new piece of information is revealed, another begs exploring. Hopefully this never ends. And I never tire of learning or seeking greater understanding. Or being able to change and adapt thoughts and actions. So you can call me out for things I might have said or expressed a view on in the past - but I probably have beaten you to it already. I will be the first to eat my words on anything once I find the scientific data.

Another area where I think I have evolved in my understanding is that of athletic demands and training for optimal condition. Again based not only on improvements and developments in exercise science but also in the long slow process of understanding my own body and how it responds to different stimuli. What I do now might be vastly different to how I prepared several or many years ago. Again I think this is adaptation and absolutely necessary. And again hindsight and maturity are wonderful. But also is the preparedness to admit fault, to admit to lacking complete understanding, even admit you are wrong. Yep its OK to eat your words and it is OK to be wrong.

I just hope my desire for learning never wanes.