15 September 2009: Eat chocolate

Busy times and hard training leads to infrequent blogging!!! I have just finished up a pretty tough morning - hard run followed by hard bike (thank goodness for the coffee in between) so am enjoying sitting for a while before I head to the pool. I am really happy with how things are gong and I can't wait to race again in a week and a half - it feels as though it has been a while and I guess it has been really if I discount the illness in Chicago a few weeks ago. Its funny how quickly the season and the year have gone so far - I can't believe it is mid September already! It is getting harder to wake up in the morning here - it seems so much darker! And the leaves seem to be starting to change colour. Which can only mean one thing - it is almost time to head to the beach!!!!!! That's right - Seven Mile Beach at Lennox, back home in Australia. Looking forward to that, but I have to say I will definitely miss my US home town of Lawrence and that is a really good thing to be able to say. It is so nice, and makes such a big difference, to have somewhere that you feel comfortable and really at home to make your base during the season, especially when that season is for more than half the year!!! So training has been tough, but rewarding and fun and I have also been kept really busy with some other projects - nutrition related. Without giving too much away it is a very interesting and exciting project and some top minds, really at the cutting edge of research and innovation that I am currently working with. More news on that to come later! Speaking of which, earlier this year I worked on putting together some recipes for Matt Fitzgerald's new book - aimed at endurance athletes and the issue and importance of making weight. It will be released sometime soon I think (maybe in a couple of months???) but I will let you know when it is out so you can get the book and start cooking!!!

Speaking of weight and eating healthily - if anyone needed another excuse to eat chocolate here it is: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/15/chocolate-as-health-food/. That just adds to the countless other excuses....I mean health benefits.

Off for some Lindt.