16 August 2009: Swim, bike, run, sleep.....nothing new then.

Just finished up some nice local KC steaks and market fresh salad while watching some of the athletics world champs. Its been a busy day so feeling pretty good right now to watch other people compete while I have my legs up! Started off with a hard ride (it was raining this morning so got to destroy myslef on the trainer); followed by a massage (ouch); quick lunch then off to the pool for a swim and to finish off the day, an easy run. That caps off what has been a pretty solid week - hence the lack of blogs. And the need for the 11 hours of sleep last night. Anyway the 100m final is coming up so its time to log off and watch the show ponies....what is it with sprinters anyway????? You can pick them from endurance athletes in any sport without even watch them move!!