16 Feb 2009: Monday

Another Monday. Mondays are pretty much a known quantity for me - always just a basic get-it-done-no fancy-tricks kind of training day. Throughout the season training varies greatly, except on Mondays. They consist of an easyish ride for a couple of hours, swimming and gym. But what is even more predictable is the swim set, or the main set anyway and it has been this way pretty well as long as I can remember. 10 x 300's. The time cycle and composition may sometimes vary making them harder or more strength oriented but that is the basis of the session. You know what you're getting and I quite like this - it seems to anchor the week and get things started without even thinking about it. Today was also massage day which means a visit to the wonderful Gabe. I always come away feeling as though she has taken to my muscles with a toothbrush. Or perhaps more like a steel wire brush. Her elbow too is a force to be reckoned with and I always come off second best. But is exactly what I need and what keeps me going - I just wish I could pack her into my bag and travel with her!!

Oh and more beach closures due to sharks again today. Not at Huskisson yet though.