16 November 2011: Fish and Ribs in the Bay

I know its been quiet here on the news and updates front - but after all it was Christmas last week. At least it was in this house! An early celebration with my whole family - a rare occurrence over the last few years with my brother living overseas. In fact it has been rare at any time of year to get the whole family together at once with everyone busy working and living in different regions. It was so incredibly wonderful to have the house full and to see everyone at the one time!! And of course if you know our family you will know that everyone is entirely food obsessed - so most (all) discussions, excursions and activities revolve around food - either the buying, preparing, cooking or eating of or even just thinking about the meals ahead! So Christmas is a really great excuse to cook up a storm and tuck in. The consensus is also that having Christmas mid week and a month and a half or so early is hugely convenient: all the shops are open, and free from shopping frenzy, everything is available, turkeys are aplenty and the farmers market are just their usual busy (as opposed to Christmas crazy). Highly recommended. And the other great thing is that we get to have Christmas again in just a few weeks. So with the family gone this week, things are back to the usual quiet life by the beach. Pretty hard to take. Especially on days like today when the Bay (Byron Bay) is so spectacular for a morning swim - smooth, crystal clear water teaming with fish, stingrays, turtles, not a stirring of wind and mid-week quiet. It really is a very special place to call home. Follow that up with the paper and a coffee and I must be just about the luckiest girl alive!! The ocean swim was preceded by boxing class this morning - something I am loving at the moment as a great off-season workout that keeps me on my toes and should also prove beneficial training for swim starts in the future. A morning of training without any of it actually feeling like training - perfect for right now!!

So while it is extremely nice to be home I must also be missing my USA hometown - I am cooking American style ribs tonight. Not even going to try and pretend that they will be anything like Kansas City BBQ (best BBQ in the world hands down) but hopefully they will be tasty enough to tide me over until I get back over.