17 June 2010: The week so far....

Monday: Busy. Swim (tough and satisfying). Radio interview. Breakfast. Ride. Gym. Lunch. Massage. Run - hill repeats - anyone know the hill from the stadium up to the bell tower on KU campus?? 13 of those. Dinner. Bed Tuesday: Run (legs not feeling so stellar after the hills). Breakfast. Ride (CompuTrainer max VO2 repeats - love my computrainer!). Lunch. Swim. Get ready for the Worlds Biggest Workout but it is cancelled due to bad weather so collapse in vegetative state on couch instead.

Wednesday: Swim (another smash fest in the pool with the Kansas girls - all I can say is thank goodness underwater fly kick on your back is not part of a triathlon). Bolt breakfast and jump in the car to head to Kansas City. Cover photo shoot with KC Fitness Mag - that was really fun and a nice/different way to spend an afternoon off training. I had great hair and make-up artists and a fantastic photographer - I can't wait to see the shots!! The cover will be out for the August issue so keep an eye out!

Thursday (today): Bike (strength trainer set). Breakfast. Run with drills and skills. Lunch. And now I have just finished my second run set for the day (and final session). Not so pretty.....run to failure? um yes, I got there.

Summary: So far a good week - Friday/Saturday/Sunday will be challenging training wise especially with the hot and humid weather coming through right now. I like a challenge though so should be fun!