17 October 2010: KC 1/2 Marathon

Ran the Kansas City 1/2 Marathon yesterday. What an awesome race!!! After missing my last race due to illness and subsequently spending far more time on the couch than I would like, I decided that a half marathon would be the prefect way to get in my longer training run for the morning and do so with some company. Quite a lot of company as it tuned out - nearly 110000 participants across the 5km, 1/2 marathon and marathon - and televised live for 3 hours. The course was beautiful and the weather was perfect - to come away with the win was also a nice bonus! Thanks to the organisers, volunteers and fellow runners for a great Saturday morning - I am putting this race on my schedule for 2011 - plus it was very very cool to be 'travelling' (a whole 40 minutes from home) to a race san bike (plus bike shoes, helmet, wetsuit, oversuit, race suit............) as much as I do love my Kestrel 4000! And to the guy who ran up beside me mid way during the race asking if I had any jokes then continued to talk either to me or to himself (could not really tell) - apologies if I did not want to talk and/or strangely did not have any jokes to tell at mile 8 - was not trying to be rude I just generally don't talk that much during a race. Other than the race the highlight of the weekend was Kansas City itself. Despite the fact that I spend a lot of time at the airport, I never really get to downtown KC - and it is a very cool city with a lot going on. Ate at a great restaurant on Friday night - Blue Bird Bistro - all local, organic and sustainable ingredients cooked and presented exceptionally well. Maybe not the best 'pre-race' meal but it was damn delicious!!! And great wine too. Go if you get the chance! I also got time after the race on Saturday to explore the City Markets in KC. Did get some a few photos so will have to try and get them up here - hopefully they do some of the colours and vibrancy of the fresh produce some justice!

Oh and thanks for the cheers out on the run yesterday - definitely feeling like a local in these parts now despite the accent!!!