18 October 2009: Attacked while running

Got attacked on my run yesterday. Repeatedly and mercilessly. Aiming for my head contact was made more than a couple of times quite hard but I was able to duck the rest of the attempts. These attacks are actually pretty common this time of year - one of the few downfalls of spring. Magpies. So territorial and aggressive and so annoying when you have to sprint on an easy run to try and escape. More than a few choice words were thrown at this particular little *#%* of a bird and I am sure it was highly amusing for anyone else watching. Thankfully today's run route didn't go past any nesting protective attackers but it did hurt. Enjoying some couch time now with the weeks training done. Weekend papers to catch up on and will try and make it to a socially acceptable time to go to bed before I collapse and fall asleep. Three more days before we pack up and fly again. Only a domestic flight but still right across the country.