19 April 2010: CompuTrainer

I am pleased to announce that I will be using and endorsing CompuTrainer for the next three years. Having used a CompuTrainer in the past, yet not owned one, what was the catalyst for me to make this decision? Well the Interactive Real Course Videos to be precise... The ability to train on/see real courses in real time is just amazing - and tie this in with all the power specific training features of the CompuTrainer and you have one awesome machine! To be able to do your course reconnaissance in the comfort of your training room/lounge/garage is great....and I am sure a handy motivator for those people who have winters in cold climates. The list of races is growing by the week - check out CompuTrainer for all the features and a run down of available and upcoming courses.

Thanks to the team at CompuTrainer for having me onboard!