19 Feb 2009: Packing up again

I think I could probably count on one hand the number of times over the last ten years when I have got to travel somewhere without a bike. Tomorrow will not add to that count - but fortunately the bike is already in the box and ready to go. Sometimes I hate packing up but I am really looking forward to this trip. Not only do I get to race again in Huskisson (I think it probably the most beautiful swim course in the world) but I will also get to catch up with family and some friends. After the race on Sunday I am spending another two or three days in Sydney where mum and dad (who are also coming down for the race) and my younger brother live. My older brother now lives in Bahrain so that visit will have to wait!! I will also get to see all 4 of my grandparents - I feel really lucky to have the full set - even when I was at school I don't remember any of my friends who had that privilege. So I am really looking forward to the next couple days. It will also be a bit of a mini mental break as well as a training break after the race before the real pre-season prep work starts. The race on Sunday is shaping up with a quality field, and in contrast to most of the longer races, it is actually held under ITU rules. It is still non-drafting but the distance is basically a double Olympic (3km swim 82km bike (slightly long due to the course profile) and 20km run). I think there are a few other differences in terms of wetsuit ruling and draft zones but hopefully I don't have to worry about that if I am at the front!!!! Thats where I would like to be anyway.

Thanks too for the feedback on comments on the new site which have been really positive. For now I am going back to the packing. Hope to be able to update from down the coast when I get there.