19 January 2012: Nutrition Consults now available

Its finally official! It has been quite a while in the making but I am now offering individual nutrition consultations, plans and advice. From one-off consults to answer some general questions and set you off on the right track; to complete race day or competition nutrition strategies; to personalised packages to guide you on a daily basis; group presentations; even shopping, cooking and meal planning. And of course any of this can be adapted to suit your unique requirements - just contact me and we can discuss a plan! And no it not just for athletes - just anyone looking to make changes or improvements. This is something that I am very excited about working on - obviously my passions lie in food and health and in particular the role that nutrition has to play in determining aspects of future and present health and well-being as well as athletic performance.

Here is the info that is also available on the website under nutrition:

How it works:

Contact me (by email) to make an enquiry. I will send you some preliminary paperwork so that I can get a better understanding of you and your needs along with pricing for packages, individual consults and custom tailored options. All of your details and information your provide will remain private and confidential and it is up to you as to how much of this information you supply. Obviously the more I know about you and your objectives and history, the better I will be able to assist you! It will also mean that your paid consult time will be spent discussing solutions and formulating a plan rather than gathering background information. At this time we will also set up an appointment for the consult. This appointment will only be confirmed once full payment is received. Consultations will be by Skype, phone or face-to-face depending on location – along with email. If circumstances change then the appointment can be rebooked but payment will not be refunded.

Why should I work on my nutrition?

Nutrition is a vital component of not only athletic performance but also in supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. Unless you are paying attention to good nutrition then you are not achieving your full potential – either on or off the racecourse. Whether you are in need of some simple changes or assistance with race and training nutrition, or searching for a complete overhaul and structured guidance when it comes to general eating habits, together we can reach those goals.

What if I’m not an athlete?

Exercising and eating well should be a primary goal for everyone. You do not need to race or be participating in structured workouts to benefit from nutritional advice – good nutrition will help support any of your activities as well as be fundamental in achieving other body composition and lifestyle goals.

Why me?

I am a Sports Nutritionist, good food fan and am currently completing my Masters in Dietetics. Having also raced as a Professional Triathlete for over 13 years on the international circuit I bring a unique skill set to the table. I am able to apply not only my education and scientific training but also my practical experience and knowledge gained form the racecourse to help devise the best nutritional plan suited to you. I understand that everyone has individual needs and requirements and your nutrition plan will be designed exclusively for you.

What to expect:

- No judging. No telling off, no laughing. I will not ever tell you that you cannot enjoy your favourite foods (well unless it is THAT bad!), or force you to eat something you really don’t like. Any food/meals suggested will be based on your needs and likes, taking into account your budget, personal situation and skill set. Personally I love cooking and all things food related and I believe in a very ‘real foods’ approach. I hope to inspire the same passion in you. However I also understand and respect, that for some people cooking is a challenge and it about simply making better choices. I can also provide structured meal plans, recipes, cooking lessons and guided shopping tours (subject to location) dependent on your requirements.