19 June 2009: Mystery solved!!

So my extremely slow swim (well slower than I know I can swim) on the weekend has been explained! In a previous blog (and on race day) I thought my wetsuit was really big - either it had somehow stretched a lot or I had shrunk a lot. Anyway I put it on again at the pool yesterday to try and work out what was going on. And sure enough it felt like an elephant skin. I was grabbing handfuls and pulling them a foot out from my body - the neck did not even touch my body!! I could not believe that I had actually raced in the suit as it felt even bigger without the race day adrenaline where you don't want anything to be an issue and really don't want to think about what is wrong. I could not even swim one lap at the pool it was so ridiculous. So I peeled off the suit and Justin looked at it closely. A mens medium!!!!!!!!! WTF?????? I wear a womens small!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a massive size difference. So after some detective work from various sources it turns out there was a mix up at Wildflower and the suit I picked up (with my cap and goggles entwined) from transition after the race was in fact not mine but as it turns out is Fraser Cartmells! Oops - I guess he had a rack close to me in transition and that also explains his missing suit. So who has a womens small somewhere????!!!!!! At least Fraser didn't have it and then discover that on the start line of his next race - that would have been another slow and uncomfortable swim. So I am felling sightly better about my swim now - it was a strength drag workout anyway! - and once I get my fast and proper fitting suit back I will feel like I am flying! Oh and sorry Fraser - but I am not saying thanks for the suit - it was slow! And I am now going to figure out a way to write my name all over my suit.