2 December 2011: Come back summer!

Summer seems to be on leave for a couple of days here. Although I know the definition of what constitutes cold might well be up for argument - in this part of the world cold is when you actually consider putting on a jumper or even comtemplate wearing shoes. So sitting here in a jumper (but no shoes) yes, its cold. (In fact I just checked and it is only 20 degrees C......68 F). Summer should end its holiday and return promptly before a state of panic sets in here. (I think you can also probably guess why I spend the USA winters back home in Australia - not sure I would survive through those months. We are obviously bred soft down here.) Due to the unsavoury cold weather there will also be no lake swimming today (and as an official black-line-free-day the pool is also off limits). Lake Ainsworth here in Lennox Head is a tea tree lake, and if you have never swum in tea tree water before you would not believe how black the water is. I actually really enjoy swimming in this lake - although right beside the ocean, it is fresh water and black as the night. When you swim you can not see your arms underneath you and it is only when you bring your hand close that it appears eery and orange coloured. I have always been told to never dive down too deep either in case of getting disoriented and not being able to tell which way is up and which is down due to the lack of light. To be honest I don't even know if this is true but in all the years I have never tried it. So if you can get over the slightly disconcerting feeling, swimming in here is actually incredibly peaceful - it almost feels as though you are swimming in your own world or with you eyes closed and in fact is very conducive to letting your thoughts wander. It is also beautiful to stop somewhere in the lake and take stock of where you are - the lake is surrounded by trees (tea trees obviously as well as other natives) and then the ocean on one side, separated by a sand dune and quiet road. And very often you have the entire lake to yourself. I have to admit its pretty hard to not think I have the best job in the world! One very lucky girl.