2 June 2010: Can't believe it is June already!!

So it is kind of ironic that I am here in Kansas - middle of tornado territory and in the middle of tornado season and the news has just come through that a tornado has just hit. But not here - in my Australian home town of Lennox Head!!! Crazy. Am hoping everyone is OK back there. Last year at this time we had a tree fall on our house while we were overseas. This year a tornado. Please no more. Its been a really good week here in Lawrence - some great weather and some really unpredictable weather too - storms rolling in out of nowhere, then back to blue sunny skies. But hot. And it looks as though it is going to be a hot one this weekend for the Kansas 70.3. I am really happy with how things have been going though on the training front and looking forward to getting out there and seeing what I've got on Sunday. It is just so nice not having to pack and fly anywhere!! Looking forward to catching up with a few friends coming into town for the race - as well as everyone else out there racing (and cheering too!!).