2 May 2009: Disappointment, frustration and all the rest

Just a quick update after a really disappointing day. The race this morning at Wildflower did not go as I had planned or expected. I have had a bit of an achilles niggle this week (I think things tightened up on the plane trip on the way over) but I really thought I was good to go. I was feeling relaxed and ready to have a good hard race. However out onto the bike and it became apparent pretty quickly that I just couldn't generate enough power especially on the climbs - and trust me on that course there is definitely no where to hide - if something is not quite right then you are in for a punishing. I managed to talk myself round and thought I would be OK on the run. No such luck - the achilles and calf just really did not like the uneven trails and hills that make Wildflower such a unique and wonderful race and so it was at about mile 3 that I decided to call it a day. Never a nice feeling to call it quits but I have to look to the next race and the next period of training and get myself ready to go for that. So a disappointing start to the US season for me but I am confident the achilles will be fine and am really looking forward to some tough training over the coming month or so. Apart from the race itself the rest of the week has been fantastic - Wildflower is truly an experience in itself and my sponsor (and also major sponsor of the race) Avia looked after us so well all week and made it really enjoyable. A big thankyou especially to Ed and Julie as well as the rest of the Avia crew. And best wishes for a speedy recovery for Dixie (from TriCal) who is truly remarkable and bends over backwards for us athletes!

Tomorrow its on to Lawrence Kansas where the hard work really starts - bring it on!!