21 May 2010: Racing and training

My rest day yesterday already seems like a distant memory. Run with hill repeats at the University bell tower hill this morning; an aerobic swim; a magazine interview; and a ride yet to come. And some article writing squeezed in somewhere too hopefully. Could be any day really! Full of fun. No really, that was not sarcastic - I love what I do and I actually really love training and the feeling of being tired and sore - so pack my day with solid training and I am pretty happy. Unless of course it is a rest day in which case I am very happy to do a lot of absolutely nothing!! I am racing again this weekend - no airports and plane travel though which is a major plus. And not even any hotel stays. Another plus. The race is the Kansas City Tri - so a quick drive away. It looks as though it is shaping up to be a great race and training day out - 32 degrees is predicted for Sunday and after the rain this week I am expecting it will also be humid and steamy. Perfect practice for hot weather races and for testing out my new salt intake plans. After that it is another 2 weeks until the KS 70.3 right here in Lawrence. Again a major plus that I get to sleep in my own bed and race on my regular playing fields. Will be strange though come race week when town is filled with triathletes!