22 August 2009: Pool Party!!

Yep its a party in the pool every day now - thanks to what might be the best purchase I have made in some time - a waterproofed iPod! It has been awesome on those days when you just don't want to dive in but know you need to, or when you are so tired you just don't think you can get it done but now I find I am quite happy to stay in the pool longer. Will be good for running in the rain too - have to wait for that though as the weather here has been spectacular. Have had some funny/concerned looks at the pool because it looks exactly like any other iPod attached to my googles as I'm swimming along. Please don't try it with your regualar one though - or at least don't blame me when it no longer works. Feeling pretty stuffed right now - the day is done which means it is time to lie comatose and watch some of the athletics champs before an early bed. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!