22 December 2012: Christmas planning – what’s on my menu?

I’ve got family departing on Christmas Eve then another side of the family arriving on Christmas Day. This is what I have planned for Christmas dinner – sadly being pregnant not all of it I can eat but I still love to feed others!!Home made salmon gravlax – this is the easiest thing you could ever make and yet not only is it decadent and rich, everyone thinks you have made a special effort. I’ve cured a whole side in a mix of salt, sugar and dill and left it covered tightly in cling wrap for about 50-60 hrs. Pork on the spit – again super easy. A whole pork loin with a nice thick layer of fat and skin attached, stuffed with a mix of apricots, pecans, parsley and onion. This will go on the rotating spit for a few hours. Ham – nitrate free from the local farmer/butcher. (This might be saved for later days given the amount of food already prepped) Potato salad – a family tradition at Christmas and a must on the table. Green salad – local market sourced – whatever I find that looks good will be added! Mascarpone meringue fruit roll – it Christmas so some sugar is on the menu. A soft baked meringue that is rolled around a mix of mango, blueberries and vanilla scented mascarpone. Rich and delicious. Grain free gingerbread – the same recipe as in a previous post. Home made choc-mint truffles – I used these to make bon-bons. Mint was infused into cream and mixed into dark chocolate and rolled into soft truffles. Then rolled into pure cocoa powder then dipped into more dark chocolate to create hard shell. Best bon-bons ever and not a lame joke or limp party hat in sight. ……yep that’s a lot of food!! But the best thing about Christmas?? – the leftovers.