22 Feb 2009: Aussie Long Course Champ

A good day out today - I won the Aussie Long Course Champs, which I also found out on the start line was Oceania Champs too so picked up a bonus title. Nice! It has also been a really long day after a 4.15am wake up (following a night of almost zero sleep); a 3km swim (that felt like a long way), 83km bike, 20km run; presentation and the tediously slow drive back up to Sydney through Sunday afternoon traffic. The only saving grace was the trip to BBQ King for some Peking duck and a good feed - I had been holding out since the race so was pretty hungry when we got there! So I am now ready to hit my bed - my old bed that is - I am staying at Mum and Dad's for a few days of recovery, appointments and catching up. I will write a full race report wrap up tomorrow but I have to say a big thank you to all the support I received at the race today. I don't get many opportunities to race in Australia these days so that was pretty special for me to have that crowd support and encouragement as well as to come away as Aussie Long Course Champ 2009.