22 January 2013: What do I eat?

I am always being asked what I eat - along with being asked what I recommend others eat. The answer is generally 'food'. And that is not trying to be smart or funny or cryptic. Its just that what I try and stick to eating (most of the time) is food -  as opposed to food products. Its really a pretty simple concept but one that in this world where we are surrounded by an environment that seems to have very little real 'food', that most people do seem to struggle with. I think that 'food' is pretty self explanatory - it pretty much encompasses anything that hasn't been processed or packaged. Pretty simple. And delicious. And while this can seem restrictive in a world of convenience - when you think about the variety, your choices really are endless. Here are a few random meals from the last week or so - they were just snapped on my phone so not the greatest quality!