23 August 2013: Updates and sleepless nights

I have just had my mum to stay this last week. My husband was away so it was just me, my mum and my little girl (and my dad who came for the weekend as well). It was really lovely and made me realise that my little girl will always be my little girl even when she is all grown up (and possibly with a baby of her own!). Not only was it a HUGE help to have mum around and give me a few extra minutes in the day to either train or work or catch up various things but it was lovely to see her with Elsie and both of them enjoying being with each other. Oh and the bonus of having my dinner cooked cannot be overlooked - thanks mum! I know mum was sad to go back home and I think Elsie also misses her grandma - although on the plus side it did mean that daddy was back home again!! Despite not getting much sleep at the moment (growth spurts mean a hungry girl at night) - I feel like I am actually getting in some decent traning and my fitness continues to improve. In relative terms of course - I'm not sure that the volume I am doing would have even covered a recovery week previously but I am feeling surprising good despite that. I have even been able to run a little longer some days and actually feel better and better throughout the run as opposed to just getting more fatigued. With race season right around the corner (yep I have entered) I am confident that I will actually get through a race now - but with no expectations as to how it will go I am more curious and excited than nervous. Although just a little bit nervous about running around in a pair of swimmers again! This time around though there are a few more things to think through before I get to the start line. It will be the longest time away from my little girl so I am trying to figure through the logistics of making sure she does not get hungry and all those other considerations. She is definitely particular about some things and will absolutely not be fed when she is not quite ready but quickly becomes starving NOW. This morning on my run I made a feeding pitstop - I have done this before of course when needing to take on extra fuel or fluids, but never before when I was the fuel - all I could think about was I hope I don't have to do this in the middle of the race! And I used to think that packing for a triathlon was reasonably complex. Now there is ALOT more to think about.