23 May 2009: All good

Life is good! Just back from a really nice longer run on the Buck Creek loop. After having a small cold for a few days, it was so nice just to be out - and the fact is it such a beautiful day here today is certainly helping! I actually woke up before the race last weekend with a sore throat but felt not too bad and was able to ignore it for the race itself. However it knocked me around and keep me 'off work' for a couple of days after. I do now feel refreshed and this mornings 1hr 45min run was a nice way to start. The weather here is definitely better than what is happening back home in Lennox (Australia). The cyclonic conditions have continued for days now with flooding, destructive winds and continuous storms - almost can not believe some of the photots we are seeing and the reports from back home - including the tree which fell on our house. Luckily we have a tree lopper  (thanks Jethro) and his wife house sitting for us.... Here though - the sun is shining and I am off to the pool - indoor today but the outdoor opened yesterday so some warm sunny swims are coming up I am am sure!!! I am going to enjoy this weather because I am pretty sure in a couple of weeks time we are going to be sweltering.