24 Feb 2009: Good heart, dodgy eyes

So much for a couple of days recovery - I feel more exhausted for my days in Sydney than I do from the race! I am definitely not a city girl anymore and although this is where I grew up and I still think is a beautiful city - I just can't handle the business and the traffic!! Madness. So yes I am looking forward to getting back home to Lennox tomorrow. Despite the traffic it has been a good couple of days catching up with family and a few routine appointments. I had my heart checked out - it is still there in case you were wondering - just because I could and figured that in this line of work where we ask a lot of that particular muscle that it was probably smart to pay it a little attention and check that everything is still working as it should. I also had my eyes checked and yep they are still dodgy but no more dodgy than last time so that was also good news. I am really keen to get back home now and get stuck into some good training. There is a good solid block between now and my next race, Wildflower, which is the first week of May and I am excited by the work coming up. I will be the first to admit that I am nowhere near ready to race quite yet, despite having done two in the last two weeks, and am certain that come May I will be ready to go. Sundays race was a starting point - I wasn't really that happy with how I swam and know I can get a lot stronger there. I was also really surprised at how long 3km felt in the water - I think I am just used to any race the swim is done flat out as hard as you can go the whole way. But that is probably not the best approach over that distance and I hadn't really thought about it until I had completed the first kilometer with two remaining!! But the couple minute gap I had out of the water was definitely handy. I was pretty happy with my ride, again knowing that it is just a base starting point. I felt though that I rode consistently and strong and although I came into T2 in second, you can't really control the tactics of other competitors. Given this I headed out onto the run a little frustrated and a little tired feeling the effects of the 82km and also 2.30min down. About 2km into the run and I was told I had already reduced the gap by 45 seconds and that was all the psychological lift I needed. From that point I knew if I just kept my own pace and kept it comfortable I would reel in the leader eventually. So I was able to settle in and enjoy the run - it is a spectacular course and one you are never lonely on with racers going out and back on the two lap course which runs beside the bay and hit the lead just after the first lap. I do know though that you never take things for granted no matter how good or comfortable you are feeling and only let myself fully relax when the line was in sight. I had so much support out there and at the finish and my Mum and Dad were also there which was fantastic!! They don't get to see me race much these days so to get a win with them there was even better!!! I am now also trying to work out if and how I can get back to race ITU World Long Course Champs which are held in Perth later this year while I will be in the USA. But representing Australia is never something you turn down lightly and it is a race I would dearly love to do.

If you are wondering about racing in Huskisson next year then do - it is a great race and you won't get a more spectacular swim anywhere in the world I think. Anyway enough blabber I am off to have dinner with some friends. Thanks for all the messages of congratulations and support post race.


Huskisson Swim Start

Huskisson First Lap of Swim