24 January 2010: Ouch

Feeling pretty happy the morning is done. It stung. Its been pretty hot here and all week and a big week of training which has gone well but most days it has been a case of scraping myself out of bed in the morning and trying to ignore the body screams and get out the door and into some hard work. Pretty well every day I came good until Thursday where things were a bit wobbly so decided to call the rest day 24 hours early with just an easy swim to navigate. Trouble is sometimes rest days make your feel even worse so Friday I woke up feeling less than stellar and knowing that I had a big three days ahead of me (I couldn't think past that into day 4, 5, 6 etc). I had heard the rumour that the swim set was going to be of the sadistic variety but did my best to try and pretend that wouldn't in fact turn out to be true. No such luck. But then again, I am actually extremely grateful that we did that set - turns out I swam the best I have in a long time. Not talking days or weeks either. Not even months - more like years, 7 or 8 years in fact. Which is a nice feeling - to be able to swim through and every repeat think "thats it I can't make another one" and then to turn around and actually swim faster. Saturday then was a solid but nothing special kind of day, the kind you just need to get done before Sunday morning. All I can say about this morning is I am very happy to have got through, very happy with how I got through and thank god for the double espresso I had as I ran out the door. And for the Accelerade Hydro and Forze Bars mid ride (Caramel chocolate flavour for the record). Even after standing in a cold shower for ten minutes after the run I looked as though someone had removed my head and replaced it with a tomato so the chore of going to the supermarket for some groceries actually provided a very welcome opportunity to hang out in the freezer aisle and chill down. Now I can feel a bit of serious lounge time coming up - Tour Down Under and the Australian Tennis Open - time to watch some other athletes at work.