24 September 2009: What not to do on a plane

Good day yesterday at Interbike catching up with some of my wonderful sponsors, meeting some new people and smiling for a few photos. It was kind of a long day flying into Vegas in the morning and getting back again late at night, but the excitement and craziness of Interbike makes the day there go so quickly. Only wish we could have spent more time there checking everything out. The new Kestrel looks awesome though and can't wait to get on that in a couple of weeks! The only let down of the day was the woman (large would be the generous description, morbidly obese the more medically correct terminology) next to us on the plane who farted the whole way home. Really that is not the greatest way to endear yourself to your fellow travellers. Back in Kansas and it is a beautiful day here - perfect for a final day of training before I pack up again and head down to Augusta. Have heard it is going to be a hot and steamy weekend down there and there is a pretty top field toeing the start line so should be a tough race. Fun times.