25 April 2009: Ice-creams for everyone!!

Summer seems to have returned here for my last few days in Oz - it is hot again! I can't believe how fast the days are going now and I am on my 2nd last full day at home in Oz. Being away for half the year is going to be hard but also worthwhile. I think I have maybe one of the best jobs in the world and if that means a lot of time travelling then I am not going to complain. I am also looking forward to going back to my home base in Lawrence Kansas - it makes things so much easier when you have somewhere familiar and also where the training is great and the people are wonderful. Before I get to Lawrence though and unpack for the long haul, I am going camping!! Camping on a grand scale though. Avia one of my fantastic sponsors is also the principle partner of the race at Wildflower and have organised what will be a pretty amazing week for me. I will be staying in an enormous RV (new for me) right near transition in the thick of all the action. Courtesy also of Avia I am going to be giving out gelatos at the gate to all the athletes as they arrive to set up camp - whats not to like about free ice-creams??!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you all there - but no repeat re-entering for multiple scoops! Tons to do now - haven't even thought about packing yet. That always seems to be very last minute for me no matter how organised I feel and trust me I am not feeling that organised yet!!