25 September 2013: Almost back on the start line...

Its under a month until I toe the line at a race again. I'm already feeling a bit nervous! But also excited. It is going to be a really different experience for me racing for the first time as a mum - and so much more to think about too. Just packing for this race and weekend away will be tricky, and if I manage to actually remember everything then that will be my first goal ticked for the weekend. Other main goals are to finish the race, not get injured, and really enjoy the day and the weekend - just getting a taste of race environments again and also catching up with some friends. My prep for this race has also been like no other so I really dont know what to expect - apart from that I wont be setting any records that for sure. There have been quite a few bumps along the way the last few weeks and some big learning curves in new areas. (more on this in my next update over at www.witsup.com).

In the meantime you can read my latest contribution over at www.ironman.com. I will be writing here regulalry so keep an eye out!