26 April 2009: Packing

I really don't have time to be writing this now - but I felt I needed a break from packing for a while. Travelling light and triathletes certainly don't see eye to eye..... SO MUCH STUFF! Excited to go but will also miss home and everything that encompasses. So here are 5 things I will miss (in no order at all and really I could makes a very big list here), and also 3 things I won't miss (I couldn't think of 5 so three will have to do!).

Things I will miss: Home - my house, my bed, my kitchen (and oven especially); People that make home home - even being in the same country, same time zone; the Byron Bay farmers market - awesome fruit, veg, cheeses, meats, bread and everything else essentail and the best truly local farmers market I have seen anywhere; the beach and hills of the North Coast; Freckles fish shop (also known as Bay Seafoods)  - best things from the seas you will find anywhere - and of course the Freckles themselves!

Things I won't miss: Winter; Aussie accents (they're coming with me courtesy of training partners and husband); Magpie season - although unfortunatley I will home for the tail end of the viscious attacks.

Last night at home tonight - fly to Sydney tomorrow for a really quick catch up with family then they're shipping me out Tuesday.