26 February 2013: Shopping made easy

When I can't get to the farmers market, the farmers market comes to me! IMG_0267IMG_0268

I always think that one the biggest obstacle to eating well is the hunting and gathering. If you don't have a well stocked fridge and pantry then you are really making life hard for yourself before you've even started. Having plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on hand not only makes your fridge look amazing and the kitchen smell divine but you are always encouraged to eat more fresh foods - after all who likes to see such great produce go limp and mouldy at the back of the fridge? Plus it makes it so much easier to cook something from scratch when all the ingredients are there.

So when I know I wont be able to make one of our local farmers market I turn to a local company company called Munch Crunch Organics who deliver to my door an amazing box of produce from their farm and others. Each week the box is different - they give you an indication of what might be in it but I love the fact that it always changes and there are always a few surprises in there. This is dictated by what is in absolute peak condition that week - so what is freshest and tastes the best. And to me this is the best way to cook. I have never been one to plan out the weeks meals - although I do admire those who can and find it works for them. For me I like being able to open the fridge, select what takes my fancy and pull something together from there. (Of course what would be even better is if I grew a green thumb and grew all of this myself - but I am going to take it as a strength of mine that I can recognise what I am not good at.)The fact is that with some good ingredients whatever I do to them meals are always tasty!

So whats on the menu here tonight? I'm thinking a roast chicken with herbs, roasted vegetables and salad greens - some sort of selection of ingredients from the box. Followed by some fresh peaches and cream. Yum