26 March 2013: Getting antsy

Funny how slowly the days seem to go when you are just waiting. I am probably not best known for my patience and right now is not one of those times where if you just apply yourself and work a little harder then results will follow. I am now just a week away from my official due date so really any time something could happen, or it might not! I told a friend yesterday that its kind of like being ready and tapered for a big important race but not knowing when you will get the call up to the start line - could be any minute or could be anytime over about a 5 week period. The only thing I know is that the time frame gets shorter every day. Apart from the frustration of just waiting though I am feeling good. Thankfully I never really got a big belly - the baby just seems to be packed in there - so haven't had any issues with discomfort or any other issues (touch wood for the next week or so!). And I have to say that I have enjoyed being pregnant and am now quite used to having a little pot belly that moves! Will actually miss all of those kicks and punches even if sometimes I do wonder if it is actually a little baby in there or a small horse. I am asked all the time if I am 'over it'. The answer is both no and yes. No because it has been pretty cruisy (not smooth sailing but comparatively cruisy) and yes because I just want to meet this tiny person! I am also getting antsy about getting back to racing. The last year has done alot to re-motivate me and rekindle the passion that I have for the sport and for competing and funnily enough I have learnt alot about myself as an athlete in this time away. So cant wait for that either!

Hope to have more eventful news soon! And thanks for indulging me in the baby talk - I know one of the most boring things can be hearing about other peoples kids even if you do really really like them! There's just not too much else happening here to report on right now!